my mission

Jim McAteer

Jim McAteer


 01. Responsive

Provide clients with quick, efficient and direct service.  As a sole proprietor, I only take on projects where I can provide my clients with a level of responsiveness that is unmatched in the industry.

02. Actionable 

The objective of any plan is to reach the outcome identified through the planning process.  My mission is to establish plans that identify clear, concise steps to achieve good results.

03. Collaborative

The transit industry is a unique blend of action and reaction.  Bus, Rail, and Para-transit services are customer focused and development driven.  Services must meet the needs of customers while also shaping development in the community.  This is achieved through collaboration with partners.  My mission is to engender collaborative planning that endures beyond the scope of the individual project and continues between partners throughout the community.

Jim McAteer

Jim McAteer

Jim McAteer


Having worked in the planning and transit industry for 20 years, I understand the unique challenges that transit agencies  face in the short-, mid-, and long-term.  

Passenger demands, resource limitations, and cooperation with local, regional, and federal planning (as well as funding) agencies can seem a herculean task.  I have worked at a City Planning Department, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as well as Local and Regional Transit Providers.  This is why my approach to transit planning is unique.  The best approach to planning transit is to create a visionwhile also "thinking inside the box".  In other words, make a long-term plan, track your progress towards it, and begin immediately with existing resources to improve your services.

Depending on the the characteristics of your system, this may include working with current partner agencies, establishing new partnerships, and developing closer coordination with funding agencies such as MPOs, state DOTs, and the Federal Transit Administration.  This approach will achieve better transit and improve the opportunity to receive more resources and partner with more agencies.

As the Director of Planning and Grants at the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville MTA, now WeGO), ridership increased from 8 million total rides in 2006 to 10 million in 2013.  Under my leadership, the Nashville MTA and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) was awarded over $20 million dollars in competitive federal grants.  In addition, I managed the planning, preliminary engineering, and federal Small Starts submittal request for $75m on a Bus Rapid Transit project that was recommended for funding in the President's FY 2015 budget.